Meet Susan

Susan McCann, CD(DONA)

Born and raised in Norfolk, Susan is a proud Norview High School graduate who moved to Virginia Beach in 1989, where she currently resides with her supportive and loving husband, Chris. Together, they have four adult children.

Susan discovered her passion while supporting a family friend in the delivery room. She knew then that she wanted to become a Birth Doula and made it happen. Now, she provides physical, emotional, and informational support to families during this exciting time.

As a certified birth doula through DONA International, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every birth. She is also completing the process of becoming a Certified Childbirth Educator, furthering her ability to support families throughout the birthing process.

What is a Doula?

The word, doula, is a Greek word that means, “woman’s servant” or “handmaiden.”

Over hundreds of years women have given birth in the company of women, whether relatives, mothers, or professionals who have been witness to, or given birth and therefore experienced in the pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

For the future mothers of today, the doula is a woman who has a large amount of knowledge about pregnancy, labor and birth. The doula supports the pregnant woman and her partner as they work through the final stages of pregnancy and the birth process into parenthood.

happy parents

We enlisted Susan’s help from the very beginning as a highly recommended referral from a friend. We’re SO glad we followed suit! As first time parents, there’s so much we didn’t know that we didn’t know…and it was such great peace of mind to have an advocate like Susan by our side. Her calm, collected presence was exactly what we needed, and her post partum help was invaluable. There were so many days we felt so overwhelmed, exhausted and exasperated, and she was there for us when we needed her most.

We had a unique situation where we unfortunately couldn’t have Susan there with us during delivery, and as a result she went above and beyond the call of duty in the days, weeks and even months thereafter. We don’t have family very close so she was absolutely essential during the ‘fourth trimester.’ She got us through a colicky baby and encouraged us when we didn’t know where to turn.

You’re not hiring a doula, you’re gaining a family member. We’re forever grateful for everything Susan has done, you won’t regret a second of this decision. So go ahead and hire her!

Our doula services cover the Hampton Roads Cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake